Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where the heart is...

My job is wonderful.

I get regular pay for what I do. People know me and always seem to need me. I learn more and more everyday and that makes me happier. The only downside is that I commute an hour and a half to where I go, then ANOTHER hour and a half back. Yeah, 3 hours. Just in driving. I bought my Jeep 2 years ago with 19k miles. Now, it's over 100,000. On top of that, I work 9 hours a day. So, yes. Twelve hours of work for a day, 4 days a week. I'm losing so much of my time with my fiance, dog, exercise, self... and of course, music. It's so draining.

My dream job would be to be a well-known singer/songwriter... so much that I could write songs all day, record all day, all while being able to be home to take care of ones that I love.

So I guess my question is --
What do you love to do? Would you drop everything constantly provided for you to do that, which makes you happiest?


  1. I love to help people, so me training to become a youth worker is me doing what I love to do. But I have given up a lot to get to where I am so far including moving 300 miles to the south of England. So for me I guess yes.

  2. Wow, that's a pretty big sacrifice. I feel like people should invest in the youth more. There are too many bad influences in the world these days.

  3. I love music. I love listening, playing, and composing music. I would give up everything I have just for a chance to do it for a living. I believe that music can change peoples lives. My dream is to someday open up an independent record label that just uses it's profits to better the community. Most of the music now has lost it's meaning. It seems like most of the musicians in the industry now are just in it for the money. Anyways, Thanks for blessing the world with your talent. You've really inspired me and I consider you a good influence on the community.

    Btw, check out some of my vids on youtube if you get a chance. Once i saw your cover of "I'm gonna find another you" I decided to join the youtube community.



    CJ Garcia

  4. CJ: I checked out your stuff - I love your original "My Valentine". Kinda gets stuck in your head :) Good stuff dude!

    And I appreciate that you decided to join the YT community too man, even after you heard my version of "i'm gonna find another you". :)

    Good luck and many blessings to you!