Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's the deal with the CD?

Q: I preordered, so when am I going to get the CD?
A: Soon after I get the CD. :) The CD is still in transit to my place and is about 60 miles away on a UPS truck. It takes about a month to get them done, so I think we're on track. I, also, still have to sign them, package them, and send them off.

Q: Where are you releasing the CD?
A: Huntington, West Virginia @ Empire Books and News. March 19th, 6-8pm. :)

Q: What about the rest of us who live like a bajillion miles away?
A: Go to the website, click the link "CD RELEASE SPECIAL", and there you go! :)

Q: How much will the physical CDs go for regularly?
A: Shipping is $5.00 USD for US, and $7.00 for international.
- Waiting is going to be $15 USD plus shipping.
- Guarding Joey will be $10 USD plus shipping.
- If you decide to get both, it will be $25 USD plus one shipping charge.

Q: How do I pay for the physical CD?
A: Two ways -
- Website - Go to "Works" and click "Buy Now"
- Check/Money Order - send payment to Chris Cendana Music, PO BOX 704, Morgantown, WV 26507.

Q: Why do you keep saying "physical CD" - Is your CD going to be on iTunes?
A: Yes, Waiting will be available no later than March 31st, 2009. Guarding Joey will be available no later than April 3rd, 2009.

Q: How much will it be there?
A: I don't know yet, but odds are it will be cheaper than the physical CD.

Q: What is the deal with Guarding Joey?
A: It is the bonus CD that everyone who preordered is getting for FREE. Everyone else will have to pay a nominal amount. If you buy the physical EP, there will be two bonus tracks included at the end, which is NOT available on iTunes.

Q: Why should I buy the CDs?
A: Because I put nearly 2 months of paychecks into this album... because I made an oath to my family that my sister would recieve 10% of my CD sales every month. ...and because you love me. :)

Q: What are your favorite songs on the CDs, Chris?
A: That's an awkward question, but if you ask me... (Not in order) The whole Waiting album, Only You, We Will Fly, and the two bonus tracks on the EP. :)

If you have anymore questions, please let me know! :)


  1. export copies to the philippines man ! hahahaha ... anyway imma get myself a copy of that cd ! when i have enough money to pay for the shipping costs :D hahahaha :)

    damn i can't wait !!

    goodluck and damn your one good songwriter :)


  2. Chris Im Sebastian From Chile and i want buy the CD with the bonus tracks i wanna know hwo much is gonna cost for my country, and how can i pay you I i can pay by paypal will be great

    i hope u can understand me


  3. Hey Sebastian,
    If you'd like both CDs, on March 19th, you can send $25 USD plus $10 USD for shipping and that should take care of it to Chile! :)


  4. thanks thanks thanks a lot i'll try to send the money on march 19 but, mm i say by paypal no? to

    Thanks a lot and I want the cd NOW xD i can't wait!!!!

    Bye - i'll not forget march 19.. other think how i let you know where is my house???

  5. other think again the total money is 35 USD ???


  6. Sebastian,

    Yes, $35 is what you need to pay and be sure to give me your shipping address in the PayPal message box.

    Good luck!

  7. sorry for all the questions but im 17 and isnt my money xD, well this is humiliating, my mom tell me that she can give me the money on march 23, is it a problem for u, sorry for all


  8. sorry again can you tell me in your next post what time is in the USA or where u live plz, just for know... and to finish i'll send u my mail maybe is more easy for that way

  9. Hey, Chris!
    I was wondering if you got my email?
    It was titled "CD Pre-Order"


  10. I got your cds today in the mail. Chris, this is the highlight of my week. Thank you! Wonderful job!

  11. hm.. still havent receive the cd.. im tempting to buy the itunes version now too.. maybe ill get it today?

  12. Got my order in! Chris, your cd will make the soon to be fiance very happy. We'll fly you to Maui if you sing at our wedding??? We're filipino so you'll fit right in ;)

  13. you're going to sign the CDs?!
    it makes me wanna buy ittt [=
    you should leave a message for mine so it'll be extra special ;] puhleasee.
    i wish i can seeee you playyyy =/
    i ADORE you. i told my friend about you and now she loves you tooo [[=

  14. Heyy Chris! I live in Ireland and I'd love to get your c.d. but I don't have a credit card or paypal or anything so how would I go about getting it? I don't really understand what to do with the PO box address I just send the money with my name and address to that PO box or something? Thanks!

    Wishin' Ya Lot's Of Luck, Sarah M. xx

  15. Hey Chris, I was wondering if you still had any of the bundles left.. I saw the link but I thought to myself, one hundred people would've bought this by now. Are those the physical CDs that you get for $17.50 + shipping when using paypal?
    Thanks man.