Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gig Reviews: Empire Books and Capitol Roasters Cafe

It's 2am and I think it's time for me to go bed... but my face hurts from all these amazing gigs. :)

Empire Books and News, Huntington, West Virginia, 3/19 -
This gig was special - not only because this is where I started out, but I also got this KILLER article in the paper by Entertainment Writer Dave Lavender from the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. What a privilege to have such an awesome reporter write something so uplifting... :) If you're reading this, thanks Dave! To start off, I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before because I was working on the recently uploaded "New Day" video. With that, some things went wrong:

1) My battery in my guitar ran out of juice in the middle of the first song.
2) Jonathan broke a string.
3) I broke a string.
4) Jimmy canceled, so I told Timmy to not show.

What a night. :) But I'll tell you what, it all came together. Mark ended up bringing a djembe and Bob brought an electric cello! It was all amazing. :) Wonderful work, everyone!

Capitol Roaster's Cafe, Charleston, West Virginia, 3/21:
Never played here before in my life and we absolutely had an amazing crowd! My family came up to Charleston and brought my father up there! It blew me away. :) I don't wanna ever forget feeling what I did at this gig.

This was hands down the best gig I've ever played. Ryan Kennedy, Tim Courts, and Jimmy Lykens on one stage with me was like being able to play with the 1995 Chicago Bulls - the dream team was definitely there! Eric Pyles ran the sound and it was such an amazing mix - super awesome job Eric!

Simply put - Two hours worth of some of the best musicating I'd heard/done in a LOOONG time.. :) I feel bad for the people that missed it, but man, that is their fault. As soon as I heard "Candy Red" startup, I knew it was going down. :)

I felt like I sold a lot of CDs, but I came up with only about 12 CDs worth of money. I should have just trusted the money with someone I knew... I'll be checking up on this.

But nonetheless, they guys were amazing and I couldn't have played with a better crew. :) So fun!

Did anyone catch the BlogTV broadcast, btw?


  1. There were a couple of people that caught the BlogTV show along with me. It was definitely a good show and amazing how you guys played on even with those problems. (:

  2. I saw the BlogTv show! :D But I had to leave at the end of the last song. ):