Monday, August 3, 2009

SoCal, so good. :)

(I know I'm posting this pretty late, but I've been pretty busy trying to catch up with things at work, planning a wedding, and here recently, get my jeep situation squared away.)

July 24th, San Diego, CA
6:50am ET -- Just got on the plane heading to DFW in Dallas (my connecting flight). Didn't sleep the night before because I had work to finish... and I was overly excited to get to California (big thanks to BlogTV and SINxJAE). Not sure how this is going to be, but I've got a good feeling about this show. So good, I haven't even planned a set yet.

11:30am CT -- Just finished playing about 15-20 songs in the Dallas airport. It may have been to early for everyone as I noticed people leaving when I first pulled out the guitar. Oh well, they don't even know who I am. Oh well, I just bought a Naked Mango drink for breakfast so I'm good to go.

1:30pm PT (4:30pm in Pittsburgh) -- Just landed and I see a couple of wonderful faces, AJ and Jenny, totally being awesome for picking me up from SAN from flippin' LA. Ahh I love these two. At first I thought I lost my baggage, but then it surfaced at the VERY END of the cue. Gash people. Off to Fashion Valley!

6:30pm PT - Hangin with AJ, Jenny, RB, Kat Badar (Cake Batter), Matt, Jasmine, freakin Ramielle Malubay from American Idol, and one other (whose name totally slipped my mind... so sorry) fine filipino man at a Bubble Tea place. We discussing what we would do for money, and I realize that AJ REALLY doesn't care much for money... just the shock factor. Which is why I love him. Would you rather...?

10:00 PT - At the BlogTV campfire on the beach with all of the previous people, filled with TONS of BlogTVers, fans, and YouTube pros/celebs such as Alyssa Bernal, Sam Hart (Mario Kart Love Song guy), Ryan, Brandon, Jesse Barrera, Michael Carreon, Michelle Martinez, Thunder PerfectMind, Judy and Cindy, Krystle Cruz, Angie, Albert, Mark, Renato, Darren, Ronan, Petee, PhilChao, Richard Tran, and ... the list is endless. It was such an awesome time with just the feeling of community, laughter, singing, and of course, FIREWORKS?? Wow, is this shindig really that big? :)

July 25th, (Day of Featured Acoustic Playlist) San Diego, CA
12:00am PT - Left the bonfire and chillin' at Christian's house (which is BEAUTIFUL, btw) with Sam, Judy, Cindy, Brian, Ryan, Dustin, Monique, and Simon. I really really really wish I could have come earlier, but man, it's hard when you're on such a limited time schedule and all you wanna do is hug everyone. :D Miss you guys <3

3:00am PT - Sam and I finally get in our room. We decided to jam. I fell asleep guitar in hand.

7:00am PT - Woke up. Did my short workout-even-if-you-don't-have-weights thing. Sam is dead asleep.

8:45am PT - Sam is still asleep. I've been standing right by his bed the whole time.

9:30am PT - Got tired of standing by Sam's bed, so I woke up AJ while singing "Always Be My Baby" outside his hotel room. Totally amazing bedhair, btw. Finally met Gabe Bondoc face-to-face... and his allergies. <3 Soundcheck starts at 12:00 noon.

12:30pm PT - Just got to the venue after scarfing down some Denny's and boy I'm glad we're Filipino - we were some of the first ones there, LOL. Got to see Glenn, the staff, and the sound system (which was looking amazing during setup). To the green room, and I see lots and lots of people. Pizza, water, and AMP. That's all we need... except toilet paper in the bathroom. :)

4:00pm PT - Pre-show acts are going on and they already sound amazing. :D Met Timirose, Melissa Polinar (friggin' amazing songwriter btw), Andrew and Frank, KrisMark, Jon Cardona, AlexJohn, Michelle Do... I'm signing autographs beside vocal phenoms Cathy Nguyen and Alyssa Bernal. In other words, I got "so, who are you again? I'm looking for Cathy/Alyssa" a lot. LOL :D j/k... but not really... Met a lot of fans, took many pictures, gave many hugs... even found out that I have my own Pokemon card. I wonder what my power is. Also got me one-a them radisrad shirts (thx guys!).

8:15pm PT - Did Victor just break his back? How does someone do that??? Victor from Quest and Lydia Paek are on stage, tearing every inch of entertainment real estate up. I've watched some great shows, but I think that EVERYONE HERE could have been the headliner. :) About to watch Amiel and crew. :D

9:15pm PT - I'm on stage. I don't think I've ever played in front of a better, more responsive, more loving crowd that the one at FAP. Set: If I Ain't Got You, Candy Red, Velvet Fingertips, When The Lights Burn Out, No Diggity (totally impromptu performance by AJ and Timmy DeLaGhetto, SO SICK) Holy moly, some just offered to have my babies.... oh wait, that was John-John. Left the stage feeling like I was on top of the world. Alyssa texts me, "We have got to do Comfortable" Am I gonna say no? Did I even have the chance to think it? :D

10:00pm PT - Cathy Nguyen just broke the sound system. But then she brought it back to life. She's just that good. :D AJ is on right now and I am so amazed by this performance. I seriously love it. One thing that I loved about it was that the love for music is alive when all of them are on stage. Another, they rocked the house. Ahhh so good. :D

11:45pm PT - Passion (love this guy) just used my guitar for a song he wrote for his girlfriend who lives overseas - probably the sweetest thing i've ever heard. Ramiele performed with Gabe before this (so flippin awesome) and so did Melissa Polinar, in which I didn't know this, is the definition of a must-see live performer. And of course, there is Gabe, who pretty much rocked everyone's face off with an amazing set, including a very impressive version of Best I've Ever Had. After this show ended, I just wanted to hug everyone, especially Leo who flew in super late, but surprised all of us. If you missed out on this show, you missed out on the Asian version of Woodstock, minus the bad stuff.

July 26th, Post-Show, San Diego, CA
2:00am PT -- Just finished having Denny's across from Kat Badar, and beside Phil Chao. I was still amazed by how well everyone got along. I was also probably the only person having coffee at 2am.

4:45am PT -- Just finished recording raw video of Comfortable with Alyssa Bernal. Lots of people in me and Sam's room - Dustin, Sam, Brandon?, Monique, Grace, Jesse, Richard, Leo, Matt, Jasmine... I hope I didn't forget anyone, I was delirious by 5:00am when we left for the airport.

5:30am PT - Jesse Barrera and Grace dropped me off at the airport and I love them for it. I didn't tell them that they dropped me off at the wrong terminal, but it's okay. It was like I tried to get stuck in SAN on purpose. Ran into Kristyn at the terminal who congratulated me on a wonderful set, and I was just blown away that anyone would even remember! :D Especially someone I've never met before! :) yaay.

(Sometime on the planes) - editing the Comfortable video, and LOLing on the parts where we're doing stupid stupid stuff. I bet I looked so weird. Oh well. Done, goodnight... should be arriving home soon.

...Oh crap, I forgot to call Natalie back.