Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heading North.

So, I'm moving to Pittsburgh.

I'm super excited! I just don't know anything about the city, except:
- there is a couple Guitar Centers and one awesome Ikea.
- there is a large airport.
- traffic is horribly bad around the tunnels.
- it is on the wrong side of the backyard brawl.
- they have really amazing microbreweries.
- the food rocks.
- crime is kicking up a bit.

Nonetheless, it is probably one of the more convenient places to live on the East Coast. :) And if I get home sick from West Virginia or California, home is just 1-4 hours away... well, for a price.

The house I got is a nice two-story with a basement and a backyard for Kobie. I learned quickly that living in a townhouse with a orally-fixated 90-pound means "no room for anything." She's actually sitting right beside me, staring and armed with her slobbery USC-colored tug-o-war rope. Although obnoxious, she's still really really cute.

If any of you know anything about Pittsburgh, I'd like to get some insight on a few things:
- good coffee
- open mic nights
- dog parks
- a good, youthful Catholic church
- good gyms (a buddy of mine is opening one up, but it won't be for a while)
- city shortcuts around traffic

And of course, if you wanna meet up and hang, I'm all about it. :)

Dear Morgantown,
It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to bite the bullet.
I'm sorry for leaving, but I promise I'll come back again.

.... and Happy Easter everyone! He is risen! Alleluia!


  1. chris! happy easter! enjoy pittsburgh!

  2. Come visit Winnipeg in Canada! You're getting closer! ahhaha there would be a great a many people who would be happy to have you come here!!

  3. I will be happy to fill you in on what I can. I mean, I haven't lived there since '02, but I'm sure I still know a little. Also, I have a couple of friends from college who're still there, so I can contact them too.
    As far as coffee, well, there's only one Dunkin' which is so sad! You can't beat Bruegers for a good bagel though!
    I only know of one little bar that always had good acts and that's Gooskeys in Polish Hill.
    Hopefully, Aaron and I can come up soon, and I'll give you a driving tour of the places I know.

  4. We will miss you in Morgantown but wish you all the best in Pittsburgh!

  5. ohhh man i went to school in pittsburgh. i'm gonna send you a list of places to eat.

  6. I love Pittsburg. I can't tell you much about it, but I love it. Thre is an Andy Warholl museum, a strip market and a brewry in an old cathedral. I know it sound weird but it feels good.
    I have a friend that lives there. Maybe he can help you some with the church at least. I'll ask him. I may put you in contact with each other too if you want.

  7. For great coffee (and/or lunch) check out Amani on the north side (Allegheny Center area- Foreland St). One of my favorite spots.