Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gig Reviews: So.Zo and Bocktown

So.Zo -- Morgantown, West Virginia
What a great place to play! I love this place. They've always got really friendly staff and a great sound guy. Played this gig with Dom DeGeorge, Andrew Bottini, and Tami Alexander. It was one of the first shows I played with a setlist, but hey it turned out pretty good.

Awesome people from Columbus came to listen to the show. Big shout to Jenny Wang :) Thank you to ALL the people who showed up to listen and participate - meaning the "WOOOOHAAAHHH!" on Only You. Loved it.

Dom and I played a middle set with just the acoustics and I was very pleased with the sound. The band did an excellent job, as well!

You absolutely must try their Vanilla Chai. :) Hands down, a solid time at the show.

Venue Rating: 8 of 10 Lydias. (New rating system, teehee - feel free to leave your own comments below!)
Bocktown -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
If there is one place can I say I look forward to playing at every year, it is here. Food is amazing, beer is amazing, staff is amazing. Sold. :)

Dom and I played here together. The first 1/3 of the set sounded funny, only because of EQing issues (got spoiled from having a sound guy). When Dom went on to do his set (and with some feedback from Dom's sister's boyfriend), I EQ'ed it correctly, and from then on it was a blast. Andrew and Tara were there to support us. Tara is awesome, Andrew - good choice! :)

We met a couple of people there, Jack and Tom who do a lot of Irish tunes, and I'll tell ya... I love these guys. They supported us as if they knew us since childhood, holding out the tip jar for us, almost getting into a fight about it (hahaha, amazing story from Jack)... can't get better first-time fans than that. Reminded me of the gig I played down in Beckley, WV @ Foster's :).

I had an angry set where I dropped the F-bomb in Steamroller and I think I felt some aftershock from the "f". I don't condone doing it, but it is in the song. :P

Great night, just got home at 3am... but that doesn't matter cause we got the house in Pittsburgh yesterday! :)

Loved it.

Venue Rating: 8 of 10 Lydias.


  1. Chris - thanks for the shout out. It was great seeing you and meeting Lydia. We're looking forward to hanging out w/ you guys once you're settled in up here. - aj - ps - we're loving the CDs.

  2. Chris, Sorry I couldn't be there. I did here things were incredible, and by all means, now that you will be living here... check in with us for some other gigs! I am working on a second restaurant and will have extra opportunities to book you when and if that happens. Chris D... head beer hunter!

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