Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Having what it takes...

As time goes on, the pressure is on with my musical career. I constantly ask myself, "Do I have what it takes to go full-time with music?"

Right now, I have a great job in IT. I've been with the company a few years now and every year, I surprise myself with how much I learn over that time. But now, time at work is more demanding than ever and it is cutting into my musical career, taking it over almost completely. People constantly ask me "why do you look so tired in your videos?"

I look tired because I'm doing videos at 3am... and then having to wake up at 6am.

Although, I love doing YouTube and my passion lies in my music, I don't know which way to go from here.

I guess my question is this:

What would you do in my position?


  1. I think that each musician comes to making a touch choice and I think this is the big decision for you.
    Nobody can tell you exactly what to do, but they can try to offer advice.
    I know this might be over-said, but follow your heart. Music really seems like your passion and what you truly love doing.
    The world is a scary place especially in this economy and not knowing about stability in life.
    Your job seems great and it does seem very reliable but music is who you are and what you're all about. Your music offers more to the world and it is truly a gift God has given you to share with us.

    Follow heart whatever it may be, but don't be scared to take a chance because I know God will support you no matter what. He loves you and he gave you this gift for a reason.

  2. Well Chris, first of all. You do have what it takes, obviously. Your absolutely amazing.

    I'll have to agree with the comment below.

    Just follow your heart, God will support you. Your musical talent is a gift that he gave you for a reason. Know also that all of your fans, especially me, will support you all the way if you choose to follow your musical career. Your both a inspiration and a musical idol to me, and it would be a shame to sit here and watch your beautiful music disappear..

    Much Love

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  4. Knowing...

    You have to ask yourself, "What is it that I truly want from my life right now?"

    "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?"

    It might sound like a job interview question but it does pose an underlying self-awareness on what you want to achieve in life.

    It is difficult to answer a person on what they need to do. Especially, giving an advice regarding career choices. More so to a person who you really don't know that well. An individual faces his own challenges in life and then acts upon that accordingly to his own individuality, maturity, and mindset.


    Whenever I am stumped with life altering questions or decisions, I turn to a higher power for direction.

    God will guide you. You might say that He does not answer directly. As Eli Wiesel wrote on his book Night - "Man questions God and God answers but we do not understand His answers."

    He will provide the answers you are looking for. You just have to learn to listen not only with your ears but also with your heart. I did. (Will tell you sometime if you're interested.)


    Which brings me back to your first question..."Do I have what it takes to go full-time with music?"

    Yes, of course you do Chris. Your music comes from the heart. A lot of people believe in you and continue to be inspired by what you do. Whatever your decision may be... countless, people are here standing beside you to support you in spirit and standing behind you to affirm all that you have to offer.

    This might not mean much but I have faith in you.


  5. Hey Chris,
    I don't know if you remember me but this is my experience. As a fellow musician I find the question is not just "Do I HAVE what it takes?" The true question for me and for you is "Will I GIVE what it takes" There are plenty of people who have what it takes who are 45 years old working a 9-5. I'm sure you find everyday people that are better than you but skill is only half the battle. Pursuing a music career is like considering getting married. A man can say he loves someone and ask himself do I have what it takes to be a good husband (honestly you must ask if you have the skills and knowledge) But once you do attain those skills, You still must COMMIT! Mr. Cendana you have the skills, you have the following, you have the heart, now all you need is the COMMITTMENT!!
    As always don't be anxious for anything but with prayer and thanksgiving make your request known to God. And He will give you an answer and peace. But if you love music the way I know you may know the answer and may be a little scared to receive it
    God Bless you brother,

  6. Dear Chris,
    I'm a new fan to your music.
    Happy Slip gave you a shout out on youtube! and thats how I came across your page.
    I feel what you're going through, and I know how sometimes music seems secondary to surviving. Like everyone else, prayer is important, and I think you really do have an amazing gift, I hope one day I can sing as well as you, for right now I can only compose instrumental arrangements.

    In short, your music inspires me, and I'm just finishing my college careeer and wanting to make something that I can call it entirely my own with my soul and heart poured into it.
    and I will pray for your music career, because your music touches many people like myself, and I want to see you making the most out of your gift =)

  7. I found you sing " Man in the mirror" on Youtube.
    I'm not good at write down English comment.cuz I'm japanese. hahaha....
    but I want to say "I love your song!!!"

    A RI GA TO U !!!!!