Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life Update

Wow, has it been a while or what? :) If you keep up with me and my YouTube-ness, you've probably asked yourself, "Where has Chris been?"

- I just moved to Pittsburgh about two months ago.
- Started working a new contract here in PA, so getting used to that has been keeping me busy around the clock.
- Been trying to kinda get in better shape, although it's not really working so well. :P

Other than that, life is doing well.

Janelle is starting to manage walking around now, which is a great improvement since she started physical rehabilitation months ago. During the last visit, my mother sent home a bunch of things I might want - my very first dj mixer (with VU meters WOW), a tambourine, some bongos, and, to my delight, Janelle's old ukulele from 6th grade that I forgot she had. It's kinda beaten up and has two old strings on it, but I noticed that there were signatures and notes from her old classmates on the back. As I started reading them, I remembered how much of an influence Janelle was (and is) to me. Maybe you'll be seeing ukulele vids from me in the future.

Kobie is about 14 months old now, and she is starting to calm down, but she thinks she's higher in rank than Lydia (lol). We take her to the dog park at Frick Park on a daily basis so that she can get her hyperness out. To think, it's was about this time last year when I got Kobie @ 19 lbs. :) She's now 63 lbs.

A huge congratulations to all the people who graduated from college. Lydia graduated from the WVU nursing school with top honors and was named "Most Outstanding Student" for the WVU Nursing class of 2009. Being so smart, I wonder why she's marrying me. :)

A big congratulations to my childhood friend, Kirby, and his new wife, Brandi on tying the knot on May 16th! WOOOHOOO comerbeberenguadalajaramamajama!

More updates to come. :) Miss you guys.


  1. nice to hear from you again chris :D
    i'm happy about how janelle's doin well in rehab.
    and how kobe's growing so fast.

    i cant wait for those Uke originals :D

  2. I didn't know you had a blog haha You're add to my links list now and I'll come up for updates :) Love your music.

    Take care