Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy Burghs

IMPORTANT: NEXT GIG IS SATURDAY, June 26th, 10am-1pm in Charleston, West Virginia for Festivall, on the corner of Washington and Tennessee. It's free, so see you there! :D
One thing I have noticed a lot about Pittsburgh drivers is that most of them drive wreckless and slow at the same time. Today must have been just wreckless day.

1) On my way to a call, I was stopped at a stop sign by my house. I looked left. I looked right. I look left again which must have been my mistake because when I took my foot off the brake, this teenage punk in a blue silverado was flying down the road coming up on my right. By the time I saw his speedy gonzales-ness, i saw him mouth the words "f*ck you" to me as he flew by in the truck his parents probably bought him.

I wanted to follow him to the next stop sign, pull him out of the truck, knock out all his teeth, then have him call his parents, so they can hear him say the exact words he said to me while he was driving 60 mph in a residential area. Considering, I would probably never do that and the words "I don't want to go to jail" started to pop-up in my mind, I just let it slide and went on to work.

2) I pulled out of a gas station later on in the day, and a teenager in an impala swerved into busy, oncoming traffic so that he could pass the dump truck in front of him. Almost caused a big wreck. Smart kid.

3) I was behind a napper van (ya know, the white van you always see in the movies kid-"napp"-ing people?) on the highway today and he had two ladders and about 7 pieces of plywood on the top of his van. It wasn't enough that the van was already swerving from lane to lane, this dude didn't even strap down his wood (that's what she said). For real though! 3 big sheets of WOOD came flying above and around my car. At 65mph, I could have DIED, but luckily i swerved out of the way for the first sheet... the only thing i could do to tell him though was *beep beep* *shrug, point at the top of the car*

Got any crazy traffic stories?

Summer makes for some crazy burghers.


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